Hit the Surf - June

After a rather unsuccessful Hit the Surf session in September we booked to go again in June, hoping for better weather and no storms. We got what we wished for! We couldn't have asked for a nicer day.
We arrived just before lunch and sat outside to eat (in any shade we could find).
When we arrived at the surf club we impressed the lifeguards with our beach safety knowledge, from what the flags mean to what SPF stands for.
It was then time to put on our wet suits and get ready to 'hit the surf'!
As we were a larger group this time we were split into two. Half played games on the sand and practised 'rescuing' each other while the other half went out on the boards.  
Mrs Harvey had decided not to go in, however, the pull of the sea was too much and she ended up joining in, fully clothed!
It was an amazing afternoon enjoyed by both students and staff. We can't wait until we get to go again next year!