On Monday we met at school at 8.30 ready to load the Minibus. Mrs Larcombe did an amazing job of fitting everything in. Once it was loaded we climbed on and set off for Geevor. 
At Geevor we took part in a mining workshop. We had chance to look at tin in it's various forms before having a tour of the mine, looking at how the miners worked, above and below ground and learning about the last day of Geevor. Then we travelled back in time and learnt about mining hundreds of years ago, when young boys would have worked down in the mine and young girls would have been Bal Maidens. We got to have a go at hand drilling, carrying the hand barrow and smashing and grinding the ore to get the tin. 
After lunch, we went on a tour of The Mill. We learnt about the different machines and what they did and how they replaced the jobs of the young miners and Bal Maidens. At the end of the tour we went panning for gems before going underground (Mrs Nicholas was on Koopa duty).
Once we were all back above ground we climbed aboard the minibuses and set off to camp. 
Once we arrived at camp we had to get the tents set up. The children were set the challenge of putting them up. The lady from the campsite commented that they put them up better than some of the Duke of Edinburgh groups they have!
Once set up we tucked into a delicious tea of fish and chips. We than played games before settling down with hot chocolate and a bedtime story.
Although it was a very windy night, all tents stayed standing and we managed to get some sleep.