After a very windy night, we had a lazy morning. We had breakfast of cereal and fruit together in the communal tent. After breakfast, we go changed and then made our lunch for the day. Once we were all ready, we set off to Porthcurno Beach.
Once we arrived we unloaded the minibuses and headed down to the beach. Germoe School were already there and had set up base. There were loads of activities, such as Frisbee and volleyball. It wasn't long before the rest of Boskenwyn joined us. 
Once we had finished our lunch it was time to get back to the minibuses and head up to The Minack. We watched Rocket Girl. It was a play about a girl who travelled to another planet and helped the aliens that lived there. The sun came out and we were really grateful for the ice lollies during the interval. 
When the play had finished we headed back to the campsite for fun and games before having dinner. 
When we arrived back at the campsite we had time to relax, some of us chose to sit and chat, while others played football. We then got showered and ready for dinner.
At 6.00 we went to the cafe where they had prepared a yummy meal of spaghetti bolognese, they even gave us chips to go with it! When we had finished (and had seconds) we headed back to our tents to wrap up ready to walk down to Gwenver Beach. 
Down on the beach Miss Symons set us a challenge. We had to create the most wonderful sand sculpture. We used anything we could find to decorate our structures, such as shells, driftwood and seaweed. 
When the sun started to set we decided it was time to head back up and have our hot chocolate. 
While we were drinking our hot chocolate, Mr Benny lit our BBQs. Once they were ready we all sat around the BBQs and toasted marshmallows. Some of the children didn't want theirs, so unfortunately the teachers had to eat them.
It was a very late night and we were ready for our beds.