Today we had to get up early as we had to pack camp away. We had our breakfast and then started taking the tents down. Mr Benny started to pack up the Germoe bus while Mrs Larcombe loaded the Boskenwyn bus. At 10.00 we left the campsite leaving Mr Nicholas to take down the last tent. 
We arrived at St. Erth station ready for our train to St. Ives. It started to rain as we were getting on the train and by the time we reached St. Ives it was a very grey and wet day. 
We headed out of the station and into the town. Mrs Nicholas took us to an old sweet shop where we could purchase sweets if we wanted. 
When we left the sweet shop we headed to the harbour to pick up our pasties. The rain was stopping so we stood on the harbour and ate our lunch. It was delicious and we managed to eat it without any seagull incidents. 
By now, the rain had stopped and the sun was beginning to shine. This was a perfect time for the beach. 
At 1.00 we were lucky enough to have a tour of the lifeboat station. We learnt about the different boats and how they get in and out of the water.  We also learnt what lifeboat crews wear when out on a rescue. 
After our tour, we headed up the road to the Barbara Hepworth Museum. We spent a lot of time in her garden, sketching her many sculptures. We challenged the teachers to find the correct sculpture, but we had only sketched a small part of it. We also learnt about her life and many achievements. 
It was a tranquil space and we gave it the respect it deserved. 
Once we left the Museum, we headed back to the station ready to get the train back to St. Erth. Camp was over, what an amazing time we had.