Every Thursday Mrs Care runs a Crosscountry club.  They sometimes go down to the Gig Club and practice running around the field, other times they run along footpaths/muddy lanes so the children can experience different running conditions.  If the weather is bad they can use the hall and do circuit training.  The children have quite alot of input into Crosscountry Club, making suggestions about different things they can do to train etc.  


They are entered into local Crosscountry competitions which are either at Mullion, Helston or Porthleven Schools, there are six races each season.  The children really enjoy taking part and really do us proud running against alot of local primary schools from the area, some are small schools like us with only a couple of children entering the race and some are much larger ones with quite a lot of children taking part.  At the end of the season, there is a medals ceremony  and any child that has run at least 5 out of the 6 races will get an Endurance Medal.  There is also a points system so there are further medals for those children who have earned a certain amount of points during the season.  Even though we don't have alot of children entering the races we have some really good long distance runners and some qualify for the cross country finals


There are two races per season for the infants so children from Reception to YR2 can have a go. This year two of our Reception children ran their race and then continued running, not realising their race had finished and they were joining in with the YR 3/4 race that had just started, a Marshall had to step in to tell them they could stop!   They obviously have alot of stamina so we will definitely be keeping an eye on them for the future!!


The Infants can come and join in with Crosscountry practice at school and they can also come along and watch the races and help us to cheer the children on and hopefully get the bug.  All parents/carers are welcome to come along to the races and join Mrs Care and the children.