Newsletter 02.10.20

2nd October 2020

Parent Newsletter/update 2nd October 2020
Dear parents/carers
Many parents are asking about the plans for after half term. Please be patient with us. We do have a couple of scenarios in mind but at present, numbers of COVID-19 cases are on the rise once again and government advice is changing daily. We will stay as we are until at least half term, with the possibility of mixing 2 bubbles after half term should things stabilise or even improve. We will let you know nearer the time when we have more concrete evidence/information. It is still a month away and a lot could change in that time.
Unfortunately, parents are still not permitted to enter the school grounds. If your child arrives late, has a dental appointment, forgot their packed lunch or if you need to collect them before the end of school, please wait at gate, call school and a member of staff will come out to you.
Children have requested a dressing up day on the last day of half term and as it is close to Halloween, they have specifically requested a Halloween costume day. This is fine if you would like them to dress up but please don’t bring any accessories, just wear the costumes on the day. If you do not celebrate Halloween then your child may wear a costume of their choice.
Parents of surfers – Thank you for copying us into your letters of complaint. We are all sorry if you feel your children experienced a poor lesson but on the positive side, glad that the children had fun!!. We have spoken with Global Boarders who were very apologetic. They have offered money back on the first lesson so please contact Anita/Mary. Mr Conway and I thought it was best to postpone any further lessons until we a) had full assurance that the events would not reoccur and b) they could ensure smaller groups so our children were not mixing bubbles and supervision was within a suitable ratio. We apologise to those who were looking forward to their next lesson and we will let you know when we are ready continue, realistically it will be Spring Term. You can either request a refund for the sessions or we can hold the money for you until we restart. Call Mary/Anita to let them know what you would like to do.
Children have been doing some really exciting research into our local and wider communities. It has been lovely seeing them so engaged and enjoying being settled back into school life.
Have a lovely weekend
Paula Blackburn