Autumn 2016 Conflict and Resolution

So far this term, our topic of 'Conflict and Resolution' has seen us reading letters from evacuees, writing letters to our loved-ones, and even receiving a couple of letters ourselves. We have re-enacted the famous battle scene from Macbeth and used that experience to write some (extremely) vivid descriptions, and we have giggled over the totally inept resolutions offered by Mrs Butler in her famous poem.
In Enquiry, the starting point of 'Conflict and Resolution' has led us down many weird and wonderful paths. Miss Lane and I have certainly learnt things that we didn't even know we didn't know about Siamese Fighting Fish, Norman castles, and bizarre animal behaviours. 
Watch this space for some make do and mending, digging for victory and ration-time baking next half term, as well as whatever unpredictable route the children take us down!
This second half term, we have been writing instruction texts in English and Enquiry, learning about providing a 'hook' for the reader, using time conjunctions and imperative verbs, and looking at how sub-headings help the reader to follow the instructions. The children worked independently to write instructions to make their rag-bag toys.
Next, we will be exploring stories with conflict and writing different resolutions...