Forest School

Our first week back at school had the theme well being. The children had been learning about emotions and to use strategies such as yoga and meditation. We stayed on the school grounds and learnt how to use our senses outdoors to meditate. We all had to find our own special space on the school grounds where we could feel alone but comfortable and relaxed. For our sense of sight we found an object to focus on  studying it in detail and some of us noticed details we never thought would be there! For our sense of hearing we found a space again. Some of us went back to the same space some of us changed. We closed our eyes and just listened. Some sounds were natural and quiet and some were definitely man made! We realised although we are in a quiet part of the country we are close to Culdrose naval base!
Today was very windy so it would not have been safe to carry on our exploration around trees. We used the session to meet our ever pervading interest in dinosaurs and for some of us our new interest in mud. Particularly that soft squishy sort found on mole hills. We learned about landscape and land form by creating mini habitats for our plastic dinosaurs. We had to use our knowledge gained from books and films about how the earth looked when dinosaurs roamed the earth. We had to make sure their habitats contained shelter, food and water to keep them alive!
Today we had our forest school lesson on our school grounds. We were inspired by Halloween and firework night.
We made forest school sparklers, firework displays with leaves, and skeleton pictures from sticks. Some of us also helped to scoop the flesh out of a giant pumpkin. We finished off with some firework drama, acting out our favourite fireworks. 
This week we stayed on school grounds again but used some of the resources we have been collecting to make Christmas decorations.
Today we wrapped up in warm and waterproof clothing to go for a walk and look for autumn. We found some amazing leaves of different colours and shapes. We also found lots of fruit and seeds in the form of acorns, berries and those we call helicopters but know they are the seeds of the sycamore and field maple trees. There was a lot to see, hear and smell. We engaged with autumn with all our senses.
Today we stayed at school for forest school to create our own forest - Well OK it won't be an instant forest we planted some trees!