Meet the Governors

After the federation became formal on 1st July 2015, our single governing body disbanded and became a federated governing body. Below is the Federation Governoring Body and their area of responsibilities;


Area of Responsibility

Russ Monhemius* (Chair)

Health and Safety / Finance

Sandra Easterbrook (Vice Chair)

Early Years / Discipline

Brian Toney (MBE)

Health and Safety / Finance / Discipline

Paula Quinney (Executive Head Teacher)

Safeguarding / Finance

Jo Nicholas (Assistant Head)

Health and Safety / Finance

Anita Care


Denise Rusga (Teacher)

Teaching and Learning

Jay Faust

Health and Safety / Discipline

Herve Gorree-Wery


Tracey Stevens

Teaching and Learning / Appeals

Wendy Jones

Teaching and Learning / Appeals

Claudia Hiscott-Walsh (Parent)

Finance / Discipline





* Also part of the board of directors for Zelda School.