Welcome to Praa Sands Class

Welcome to Praa Sands class with Mrs Rusga (class teacher) and Miss Brooks (teaching assistant). 
Praa Sands class is made up of Reception year children together with  preschool and nursery class who join us in the mornings. 
Our learning follows the Early Years Foundation Stage curiculum (2014). Parents of children in this class get to see lots of our activiities and what we get up to in our secure online learning journeys.
Learning follows the childrens' interests and is tailored to be relevant and meaningful to each child. Children are also offered lots of provocations to help them develop new interests and learning. Our practise is influenced by  Reggo Emilia and  Montessori theories as much as possible. Our class teacher, Mrs Rusga is also  a level 3 qualified forest school leader so we get to use the outdoors as a classroom whenever we can. 
If you are thinking of joining us or want to know more, do not hestate to contact the school.