Church Cove

Church Cove Class
We are a year 3/4 mixed class and our class teacher is Mr Conway. We also have Mrs Lawson, Mrs Murphy, Mrs Van-Kesteren and Miss Blackburn who are our lovely teaching assistants. This term in our class we have been doing lots of learning focusing on sustainability, we are very interested in how we can make our world a better place! 

Spring Term learning proposal:

This term our topic is ‘Perspectives on technology differ in society’ which we will be inquiring about. The majority of our learning will have a focus around ‘technology’.

Within our family values we will be looking into ‘making healthy choices’ and ‘international citizenship’.


We will writing stories, recounts, poems, non-chronological reports on this subject.


We will be covering addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and geometric reasoning.


We will be covering a range of history, geography, DT and art focusing on technology. We will be looking at how people perceive technology and how it has changed and developed.


Our focus will be electricity.


We will be doing dance, gymnastics, hockey and rugby.


We will be covering Sikism and Christianity.