Dear parents/carers,

HOME LEARNING –  contingency plan relating to COVID-19 Coronavirus

Due to the outbreak of the virus and how it has affected many other learning communities around the world, we have decided to share our learning webs with you so that your child can continue their learning journey at home in the event of school closure. Under the home learning section of our school website, you will find a tab relating to your child’s class, there you will find the learning web which has all of the learning objectives (in parent/pupil friendly language) set for this term around our overarching theme, “The world has different perspectives on technology.” There are examples of what to do and some useful websites relating to the objectives. Under the “Guide for parents” tab, you will also find some useful materials to help you to support your child’s learning and provoke their interests. Such as, “What does Inquiry based learning look like?” which explains how we support though inquiry and meaningful questions to spark curiosity. You will also find in this section our Family Values which underpin our whole curriculum, we take one of them per half term and concentrate on this during assembly time and in general, this half term we are focusing on International Citizenship. We have also attached a useful website guide, a National Trust 50 things to do guide, Climate change guide and other resources which we think may be of use to you.

Children can record their learning on either See Saw or Tapestry, depending on their age and they can post it for their class teacher to monitor. They can ask their teacher questions and communicate with them through those channels too. If they would prefer to create a project in written form or by creating models then this is also fine, if possible they could photograph it and send it via See Saw or Tapestry.

Staff are presently working on their planning grids and learning webs for the Summer term, these will be posted towards the end of the Easter holidays in the same sections.

Keep yourself up to date with latest developments regarding the Coronavirus at .gov.uk website as these change daily and most importantly stay safe; self isolate for 7 days if a family member shows any symptoms as explained in the letter to parents (temperature, cough) and ring 111 if symptoms persist.

Take care

Paula Blackburn, Jo Nicholas, Zoe Symons and all staff and governors of the Federation