Spring 2019 Mystified and Ancient

As part of our 'Mystified and Ancient' inquiry, Church Cove Class visited the RCM. We took part in their fascinating Ancient Egyptian workshop, before giving the children time to explore the other artifacts and exhibits so that they could start to form their own lines of inquiry. A wonderful day out- Church Cove's enthusiasm , behaviour, and excellent questioning were a credit to our School.

Here is Sennen's account of the visit:


Our trip to the Royal Cornwall Museum

 On Monday 4th February Church Cove Class went to the Royal Cornwall Museum. Firstly we got on the bus. And it drove us there. When we got there we went into a  smlle room and a lady called Jane told us what to do. After that we had a look at a mummy and a anmashan. After some time we were dtektivs. Then we groopt up agen we had a play and some of us were in it.

I was not in it I was about the Egyptians and the after life. Next we had some lunch it was scrumpsus. We had a big picher then we got on the bumpy bus and travelled back to school. When we got there we went home tiyd from the trip it was luvly.

by Sennen

Our first phenomena-based learning week this term looked at 'making healthy choices'. The children explored making healthy choices about food, exercise, friendships, mental well-being and teeth-cleaning. We all cooked and shared a healthy feast, and held a mini-Olympics. Here are Isaac's ideas about making a healthy lunch: 


How to make a healthy lunch

 Are you tired of unhealthy lunch? if so you have come to the right place.

 You will need:

  •      Some cress, toast and butter
  •      A drink ( n fizzy or juice )
  •      Some fruit ( any of you pick)
  •      Healthy yogurt
  •      (And last but not least some crisps)


What to do:

 First get the butter cress and toast spread the butter on the toast. After that put the cress on the toast put the other peas of toast on.  Then put the crisps on a plate with the fruit and yogurt get your water then put it on the table


Don’t put the toaster on for too long other wise your smoke alarm will go on and they might be a fire . so we recommend you either you take the battery’s out the smoke alarm or don’t have one at all.    

 by Isaac