Summer 2019 Food, Glorious Food!

How to make a foreged salad…

Are you tired of boring lettuce?  Do you wish you could make your own? If so, read on. Follow these insructions and you will have a delicious, new salad.


You will need:

  •       Sorrel
  •       Penny Wort
  •       Gorse flowers
  •       Three cornered leek
  •       Bowl



What to do:

First, take the sorrel, sensibly cut it up and put it in the bowl.

Next, take the stems of the penny wort and cut them of put the leaves in.

After that, carefully take the gorse flowers out and put it in.

Finally, slowly chop up the three cornered leek, making sure they are all the same size (use all of it even the flowers).



WARNING! Eat it quickly before anyone else dose…



By Lowen